Alan Wilmot represents clients in various matters relating to sports, entertainment, gaming, intellectual property, contracts, and brand development.


  • Filing trademark applications for numerous clients for the protection and enforcement of their brand, some including:
    • Evlution Nutrition (EVL) – an industry leader in the providing of dietary and nutritional supplements relating to energy and endurance during training, recovery, lean body support, and overall health;
    • Athletes such as Fred Van Vleet, Draymond Green, Michael Badgley, Johnny Manziel, Terrell Owens, and Braxton Miller; and
    • Famed college basketball announcer, Bill Raftery
  • Handling USPTO Office Actions and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceedings for the opposing or cancellation of registrations
  • Drafting Cease and Desist Demands to third parties infringing or violating trademark / intellectual property rights


  • Drafting endorsement and sponsorship agreements, including brand ambassador agreements for companies looking to promote engagement through partnerships with celebrities and public figures;
  • Reviewing distribution agreements and other event contracts for big time productions.
  • Negotiating licensing and partnership agreements with entities such as the NFL, MLS, NFLPA, MLBPA, NBPA, and TikTok
  • Preparing employment, independent contractor, confidentiality, and other company agreements for start-ups and business owners

Esports / Gaming / Consulting and Analysis

  • Researching and drafting Market Value Predictions and Contract Analysis for the purpose of determining current and/or future value for professional athletes such as Patrick Beverley, Jeff Teague, Nigel Bradham, Jordan Reed, Evander Kane, Robin Lehner, Wayne Rooney, and countless other NBA, NFL, MLB, and MLS athletes
  • Drafting Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for websites / mobile applications
  • Providing legal opinions for payment processing and other approval measures for sweepstakes, fantasy sports, esports, and skill gaming platforms and operators, such as:
    • Monkey Knife Fight
    • Hold Gaming (Blackjack Fire)
    • World Series of Golf
    • JOCK MKT
    • Tradefan
    • OkLetsPlay
    • Duelo
    • BVG Dragon Technology S.A.
    • Quarter Poker
    • Junglee Games Esports
    • Papaya Gaming
    • Versus Game
    • Swarmio Esports/Battlehive
    • Cryptofights
    • Blue Cigar
    • SkillSports


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